Le Magnolie Hotel | Vacanze a Modica e Frigintini

Boutique Hotel Modica

In the historic center of Modica

Le Magnolie Hotel

A hotel in the historic center of a city rich in history and traditions such as Modica , a symbol of elegance, of the Baroque, Unesco heritage and home of chocolate. An enchanted place to spend your holiday in the best possible way. The doors of an ancient are opened for you Palazzo del 700 ‘full of welcome and hospitality. With a terrace overlooking the city that will allow you to admire the “split pomegranate” in its lower and upper part. Stay in Le Magnolie Boutique Hotel a Modica will allow the most demanding customers to delve into history, art and culture of Modica, an ancient city, rich in art and history.

Elegant structures to give hospitality and welcome in a splendid Sicily

Hotel le Magnolie a Modica

Reading room

A relaxing and comfortable environment, a space where silence will accompany your readings.

Hotel le Magnolie a Modica


Dug out of the rock, it is the ideal place where our guests can taste the best Sicilian wines.

terrazza Le Magnolie Modica


Enjoy a unique landscape of its kind: the indelible memory of one of the most beautiful cities on the island.